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ATM Switching and Card Management System

Dynamic ATM switching solution acts as the backbone of our services and enables smart rules-based routing to all the major Global Card Schemes and Payment Networks. This solution does optimization transaction efficiency with intelligent switching.

  • Issuing
    To provide global solutions for digital banking and card management, across credit, debit, and prepaid cards. With this flexible solutions, it facilitates issuing for any mixture of card product types, and its robust catalog of web services make third-party integration a breeze, while helping you meet today’s requirements for real-time and open banking.
  • Acquiring
    To facilitate payment acceptance, from authorization through settlement, spanning all sales channels, devices, and geographies. This solutions cover merchant acquiring and device acquiring, including point-of-sale, ATM driving, and dynamic currency conversion.
  • ATM Driving
    To generate more revenue with our ATM management services. We have solution that has perfected the model to deploy and maintain ATMs with the best placement, design, and features. This means free device placement with no risk, no maintenance, and more money for you in just one square meter of your real estate. Put our years of experience to work optimizing your ATM fleet operations.
  • Dyanamic Currency Conversion
    To provide international travelers the option to conduct transactions in their home currency with this Dynamic Currency Conversion  (DDC) services. This solution has a proven track record with a global fleet of ATMs and client partnerships spanning six continents. By offering a proven consultative approach, device owners see revenue generating opportunities across their entire fleet of terminals.