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Chatbot and Voicebot

We want to provide a new and unique experience by building chatbot and voicebot with AI based technology platform to support digital technology transformation for customers.

We have Chatbot Service that may become virtual assistant application that provides information and Q/A for all users regarding latest services, products and promo marketing. This Chatbot feature can use voice command thru Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text thru Natural Language Processing (NLP). So this Virtual Assistant can be interactive Text chatbot, Text to Speech and Voice to Text.

Speech To Text (STT) Engine with audio visual is a technology that converts spoken words from sound or voice command using Artificial Intelligence Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to written text.

STT system is often used in applications such as dictation software, speech recognition systems, and automated captions for video and audio content.

We also introduce SmartSearch module that is built using AI ASR and NLP. It makes transactions more easier, either using text or voice to looking for a particular menu without deep menu browsing/clicking, previous transactions, viewing favorite transactions, etc., in mobile banking or internet banking.