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Conversational Engagement AI Platform

Conversational technology is digitizing and transforming emerging markets now in the same way that web technologies did in the western markets in the 90s. Emerging markets leapfrogged to smartphones and messaging apps. Hence conversational messaging will form the digital backbone for commerce, marketing and support.

We believe virtually every business and brand in the emerging markets will have to build conversational experiences, because that’s where the consumers are.

Nowadays WhatsApp is powerful conversation tool for any business purpose beside personal purpose. How do you think to automate conversational engagement on WhatsApp Business ?. Think to build AI-powered chatbots to automate customer acquisition, to engage customers across sales-marketing and support journeys-with their consent, conversationally and in real-time. So it will improve lead quality, nurture and engage better with advertising that click to WhatsApp.

We have Conversational Engagement Platform using AI powered chatbots that helps businesses engage with customers across 30+ messaging channels include WhatsApp across commerce, marketing and support.