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Customer Engagement Management

We have customer engagement and retention platform that provides the functionality to integrate app analytics and marketing. The platform helps customers increase user engagement in three ways: Tracks actions users are taking and analyzes how people use the product.

This platform offers customer lifecycle management, mobile marketing services, customer data & analytics, experimentation & optimization, personalization, campaign orchestration.

This platfom is All-In-One customer engagement platform that unifies interactions between people, processes and technology. This platform is built to convert customers into customers for life with in-moment experiences designed and optimized for scale, in real-time. We enable brands to create truly cross-channel experience, transcending boundaries between channels, journeys and outcomes. 

Strengthen relationships and win trust with All-in-One Engagement Platform that is able to :

  • Maximize Onboarding completions
    Minimize onboarding drop-offs by crafting personalized omnichannel journeys.
    Build a 360° customer view across web, app and other platforms to serve them with the right products at the right time.
  • Maximize Transactions
    Hyper-personalize product up/cross sells with a state-of-the-art recommendation engine.
    Live-segment customers based on events like payment failures / product clicks and create campaigns to maximize conversions.
    Turn your customers to promoters by aligning your engagement to the customer’s goals.
  • Reduce Churn
    Craft tailored experiences based on the likeliness of a customer to transact.
    Auto-Trigger campaigns to re-engage with customers at-risk.