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Data Security Platform

As security breaches continue to happen with alarming regularity and data protection compliance mandates get more stringent, your organization needs to extend data protection across more environments, systems, applications, processes and users. We have Data Security Platform where you can effectively discover, protect, shield ransomware attack and control your organization’s sensitive data anywhere with next generation unified data protection.

We have Data Security Platform soluton that integrates with data discovery, classification, data protection and granular access controls, all with centralized key management.

This solution removes data security complexity, accelerates time to compliance, and secures cloud migration, which results in fewer resources dedicated to data security operations, ubiquitous compliance controls, and significantly reduced risk across your business.

This platform offers capabilities for discovering, protecting and controlling access to databases and file and can secure assets residing in cloud, virtual, big data and physical environments. This scalable, efficient data security platform enables you to address your urgent requirements, and it prepares your organization to nimbly respond when the next security challenge or compliance requirement arises.