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Data Warehouse & Artificial Intelligence Analytic

We have Data Warehouse platform that enables IT to deliver a cloud-native self-service analytic experience to BI analysts that goes from zero to query in minutes. It outperforms other data warehouses on all sizes and types of data, including structured and unstructured, while scaling cost-effectively past petabytes.

This platform is fully integrated with streaming, data engineering, and machine learning analytics. It has a consistent framework that secures and provides governance for all of your data and metadata on private clouds, multiple public clouds, or hybrid clouds.

This platform is quickly in minutes to make use of data already in the cloud by easily spinning up your data warehouse, connect to your AWS and Azure object storage, and start querying. A unique Burst to Cloud feature moves data and context (security, lineage, governance) from your data center to your choice of public cloud bucket ready to be queried right away.

This platform is also support powerful analytics service that makes it easier and faster to achieve high-value analytics from the Edge to AI in a familiar cluster model in the cloud. Featuring the widest range of analytical workloads—including streaming, ETL, data marts, databases, and machine learning—CDP Data Hub lets you easily move existing workloads from on premises to the cloud or build directly in the cloud.

This platform accelerates data-driven decision making from research to production with a secure, scalable, and open platform for ML & AI. Machine Learning enables enterprise data science teams to collaborate across the full data lifecycle with immediate access to enterprise data pipelines, scalable compute resources, and access to preferred tools. Streamline the process of getting analytic workloads into production and intelligently manage machine learning use cases across the business at scale.