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Digital Platform with Containerization and Microservices

A digital platform is the software and technology used to unify and streamline frontend systems, backend system, core system and business operations.

A good digital platform should be flexible and adaptable using Containerized and Microservices technology in oder to support rapid changing business needs and trends. So it allows business to remain competitive any time. 

Containerized microservices offer reduced overhead, increased portability, faster application development, and easier adoption of a microservices architecture.

Containerization is a type of virtualization in which all the components of an application are bundled into a single container image and can be run in isolated user space on the same shared operating system.

With a microservices architecture, an application is built as independent components that run each application process as a service. These services communicate via a well-defined interface using lightweight APIs. Services are built for business capabilities and each service performs a single function.