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e-KYC (e-KTP reader/OCR, Face Biometric Authentication with Dukcapil validation)

A critical element for any business onboarding customers digitally is the ability to meet their business control, audit and regulatory requirements related to Know Your Customer (KYC). To drive toward a fully digital offering, companies must migrate their existing onboarding and KYC processes which often include reviewing government issued identity documents in the presence of a company representative.

We have e-KYC solution that consist of OCR that identify customer identification document (e-KTP, SIM driving license, Passport and other customer identification card), Face Biometric with Face Liveness Detection and Face Matching Recognition against Dukcapil data.

We have advanced Face Matching Recognition with Liveness Detection that is intuitive and convenient and achieves 99.7% accuracy. We have advance detection approach that requires little or no user interaction and therefore has less friction. Our detection capability utilizes sophisticated machine learning based algorithms that can identify and assess those artifacts in an image that indicate its content, including masks, cutouts, skin, texture, borders, and other indicators of a false representation of a user’s face. The process is invisible to the user, making it more difficult for a fraudster to learn how to circumvent it.

We have facial recognition system that also detects “presentation attacks” to ensure the security of your digital channels. A presentation attack is an attempt by a fraudster to intentionally defeat biometric security measures by presenting non-live biometric data. To do so, a fraudster might use a printed or digital photograph, video, or mask to either impersonate a targeted victim or assert a false identity. Such an attack is also called a “spoof.” Our robust liveness detection analogizes facial images to determine whether they are of a live human being or a reproduction. Our system can detect the following:

  • Digital photos and videos, Paper photos and masks, High-quality 3D masks, Deep Fake Video.
  • Partial obstructions and distortions such as low-light and bright light conditions, and a wide range of face types.