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Fraud Detection System & Risk Analytic with Machine Learning

Transaction Fraud Detection System
Enables organisations the agility to adapt and roll out new products and channels quickly, at the same time, mitigate fraud and compliance risk for digital payments and transactions across customer interaction.It is capable of monitoring high volume transaction, while simultaneously protecting the business against modern day financial crimes, such as payment and card-not-present (CNP) fraud, mule money movement, bots, malware and social engineering attacks. With Machine Learning as an additional intelligence layer, evolving fraudulent behavioural patterns can be identified and adapted to the fraud detection models automatically, complementing rule-based detection to proactively pick up new and increasingly complex financial crimes.

Application Fraud Detection System
To manage swift and frictionless digital onboarding of omnichannel applications (online, mobile, app, and branch) your customers submit. to combat complex financial crimes 4.0 attacks in across online, cyber and branch, designed for organizations who are embracing digital transformation, e-banking channels and launching digital banking products.Also have layered defence for KYC/AML and digital onboarding fraud protection. which builds in machine learning, orchestration capabilities, improved user interface and dashboard, as well as improved workflow for enhanced productivity.