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Loan Origination System

  • Integrated Solution and Process Automation
    Integration and automation of processes ranging from leads acquisition, credit verification and analysis process, credit approval, loan signing to credit disbursement with flexible flow process.

    To support all segment/product (Consumer Loan, Unsecured(Credit Card, Personal Loan), Micro Loan, and SME/Commercial Loan). It has flexible Matching Engine, Scoring/Rating Engine integration with multi-dimensional scoring (by area, industrial sector, products, programs and more) that can also integrate to SIKP, Pefindo. Robotic/Automatic SLIK BI Checking.

    To also support Integration with Data Warehouse, Core Banking System, SMS/e-mail/WhatsApp, OCR and other necessary interface.

    To provide mobile app with features such as mobile approval, mobile survey (appraisal, home/office verification) with GPS tracking ,location geotaging, online/offline mode support and other necessary customize feature.

  • Workflow dan Parameterize System
    Workflow system can be arranged following the needs of existing busines s developments (programs, products, regions, and so on),
    Defined workflow, programs, products, scoring/rating and more are done through parameters.


  • Process tracking facilities and MIS Reports
    To provide early warning system and facilities for tracking credit processes, MIS Report for operations and performance/productivity based on specific periods, products/programs, regions, credit centers, branches and others.

  • Correspondence Flexible Format
     Provide templates (Credit Proposal, Offering Letter, Credit Agreement, Notary Order, Insurance Order, and others) that can be easily changed as needed and can be exported to standard file format (*.pdf, *.doc, *.xls), so that they are flexible to the necessary changes or additions.