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Loyalty & Reward System with Marketplace

We have Loyalty & Customer Engagement Suite Application that is designed for Banks, Airlines, Hotels and Retailers. It offers individual configurability, versatile loyalty programs, redemption options, and comprehensive customer insights.

The suite facilitates quick market entry without major tech investments, ensuring effective engagement and profitability monitoring. Key features include CRM, analytics, automated marketing, and points exchange with 35+ global partners.

The suite is built on Enterprise Loyalty Platform that is a complete suite to Acquire, Engage & Retain member throughout various customer lifecycles. This platform can be configured in Consumer, Trade or Corporate environments to meet different Loyalty use-cases. The platform is an API first world-class rules accrual engine that helps businesses to configure every activity of personalized engagement based on his relationship, Tiers and activity.

We have also add-on the following platform such as :

  • Enterprise Rewards Platform that is a complete engagement suite to offer your customers with multitude options of Rewards and Redemptions. These Rewards are dynamic, online or as a catalogue, which is end to end serviced. This platform is an API first that allows businesses to connect to these Rewards and Redemption marketplaces.
  • MakeSense Analytics Platform is an integrated Analytical and Marketing suite to help businesses get a view of their Program Analytics across all layers of transactions, analytics & behavior. It provides a 360 degree view of customer activities, ROIs and recommended journeys for your user cohorts.
  • Engagement Platform provides a complete go-to-market suite of Engagement activities for large-scale loyalty membership programs. This platform itself runs all on its own code and hence an integrated and measurable experience is powered for all your users. Members spend 85% of their times on such engagement platform.
  • Miles Exchange Platform provides a complete managed solution to exchange loyalty point owner companies to offer a Miles Exchange program. The platform manages all aspect miles issuance and exchange with 50+ global Airlines, Hotels and Retail partners. The platform helps you manage your Points Liability, User engagement and goal-driven redemptions.