• Financial Messaging Marketplaces
    Financial Messaging Marketplaces covers all your messaging, market infrastructure connectivity, payments operations and treasury needs.
  • Payment as a Service
    Reduce operational complexity and costs, increase competitiveness, and deliver service innovation through our Payments as a Service solutions.
  • Payments Hub
    Multi-rail payment processing in a single unified solution; Reduce operations complexities and costs; Future-proof your payments infrastructure include to suport ISO 20022; Accelerate service innovation and growth; Be ready for the new age of streamlined digital payments. Whether its Open Banking, real-time payments, or Crypto developments – meet the ever-changing needs of your customers with speed and efficiency on our intelligent payment hub solutions.
  • QRIS
    QRIS or Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code is standardization of payments using the QR Code method from Bank Indonesia so that the transaction process with QR Code becomes easier, faster, and safeguarded. There are Merchant Presented Mode (MPM – push payment) as acquirer and Customer Presented Mode (CPM – pull payment) as issuer.
  • NFC Contactless Payment and Tokenization
    Today, more and more consumers find the next level of convenience in contactless payment – in all its different shapes, from cards to mobiles to smart wearable devices. Just tap, pay, and go. Contactless payment transaction thru NFC is two times faster than using a PIN and much quicker than using cash. Contactless is convenient: no need to carry cash in your wallet.

    Tokenization is the process of creating a unique card number as an alternative to the Primary Account Number (PAN). It is used in card-on-file, mobile devices and wearables for payment transactions at contactless point-of-sale transactions.