Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Providers in APAC – 2019

In the prevailing digital arms race, the banking industry has latched onto the trend of mobile banking to benefit from customer acquisition and satisfaction. From adopting machine learning and smart bots to enhance customer service to using big data engines and predictive models for detecting and mitigating mobile banking fraud, a new breed of mobile banking solution providers are shoring up banks and financial institutions to tap into the latest banking trends.

While mobile banking has become the go-to method for accessing various banking services, the top mobile banking solution providers are taking a more considered, strategic approach to enabling mobile applications. The rise of mobile wallets, e-money, touchless transactions, open banking, mobile-only banks along with technologies like AI, biometrics, blockchain, and more is a sign that banks are all geared to take frictionless and omnichannel banking experience a level higher.

In light of the significant technology advancements today, Banking CIO Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Providers in APAC to assist banks and financial institutions in harnessing the power of technology.

In this list, we are glad to feature the Jakarta-based PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu that provides the latest digital tools to empower BRI customers and non-customers with a choice of funding sources, including current account, savings, or electronic money. Another featured company, TruTeq, builds multi-channel banking solutions for the telecommunications market, especially in developing countries. Piggybacking on its developer-focused SDK solution, zIAP, Zimperium offers app developers with machine learning-based, automated, and integrated app security to protect their mobile apps on customers’ devices while also reducing fraud.

We hope this issue of Banking CIO Outlook helps you build a partnership that can usher in more efficiency, better customer experiences and profitability to your firm.

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